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InfraGard-NH thanks you for your contribution or donation in whatever form it may take. As you know, it takes individuals and organizations like yourself to make it possible for our group, in concert with the FBI, to provide programs that reach out and inform members and the public at large of issues of great importance to our country.
As a registered, recognized IRS 501(c)(3), we encourage you to take full advantage of the tax benefits of giving to this as well as any other non-profit organization. We encourage you to check and seek out Publication 526 (Charitable Contributions); additionally, you might want to take a moment to verify our status as a non-profit (and others as well) by looking for IRS Publication 78 at the same site mentioned above. If you are an organization providing “non-cash” giving to InfraGard-NH, we recommend you and/or your CPA check IRS Publication/Form 8283 on how to deduct your contribution.
THANK YOU for your support!

Upcoming Events

NH Infragard September Meeting
Date: Thursday, September 20th
Time: 9am
NH DES Building
222 International Drive #175
Portsmouth, NH 03801.
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Topic: Drones
NH Infragard November Meeting
Date: Thursday, November 15th
Time: 9am
NH National Guard
Regional Training Institute
Pembroke, NH
Topic: Human trafficking and Gangs